Monday, 4 April 2011

The First of Many

First off, I apologize for not posting in a couple days. I've been a bit swamped with work as the year comes to a close. But as I was away, an important document found its way to the public through the internet and also through the media. This is of course the Liberal platform for 2011. Now, of course there is going to be a lot of scrutinizing and a lot of slander towards this document, mainly from the Conservatives but also from the NDP, the Bloc and the Green. But really you have to make your own decision about this document. You cannot let another political party, who will obviously stand against it in the interest of their own parties, decide for you what to think about the Liberal platform. Now, saying that...I thought it was a piece of crap. But please don't take my word for it, read it yourself. But let's take a look inside shall we?

The Liberal platform promises a number of new social programs that will benefit the people of Canada. Two of their biggest are the Learning Passport, which helps students pay for post-secondary education, and a Family Care Plan which is designed to assist families who care for elderly loved ones. Along with these the Liberals promise a handful of new infrastructure projects (including a speed-train system from Windsor to Montreal) and a green renovation tax-credit. All of these ideas sound great. A Liberal government would no doubt put family first and help the average person live a more fulfilled life. Unfortunately, as has happened in the past, these social programs and innovative projects do not have the funding to support themselves. The Liberals intend to pay for all of these programs by raising corporate taxes but making sure to leave the HST and income tax alone. The Liberals promise the people that these programs will not cost them a dime, it's the businesses that will be forced to pay up. I'm beginning to think the Liberals don't understand how money works. 

Okay, so, let's say the Liberals carry out this plan of only hiking up the corporate tax. That's fine, so corporations now have to pay more in order to keep their businesses thriving. New businesses will be discouraged from opening as a result of the growing taxation which will damage the job market as well as the economy. But what about already thriving businesses? Well, unfortunately for them less profit will be made meaning there is less room for expansion which means that no new jobs are popping up around the country. The last time I checked, countries do not run so well when there are no jobs for their citizens to hold. Less business and less jobs means less income tax an less corporate tax for the government, no jobs equals less purchasing meaning less revenue from the HST an whoopdee doo look at that, our government ends up losing money. Now don't you worry, the Liberals will get us out of that one when the time comes, but how will they do it? Well there is a number of ways, first and foremost they could and most likely will start with the HST. So bam, taxes staying the same for families? Doubtful. 

Now let's take a look at the other side of spectrum. The Conservatives want to lower corporate tax which will in effect open up more profit for businesses, creating more jobs, generating more profit and expanding our economy. If we spend wisely (*cough jets *cough) under a Conservative government, it will benefit Canada much more in the long run. Plain and simple the Liberal numbers do not add up. They're spending money that Canada does not have in the hopes that somehow the economy will keep moving along nicely as it always does. Now I know I'm going to get criticism saying the Conservatives have the highest deficit in years, and Harper's government has the highest debt of all time, but...does no one remember the economic crisis? Sure Harper's government has been overspending by a lot, too much in fact, but it has been going towards the economic recovery of Canada, which the last time checked has been working, seeing as how Canada lead the G7 in GDP growth through 2009 and into 2010, and now Canada has been fore-casted by the IMF as the best place to invest for 2011. But nah, you're right Liberals, that was all probably money down the drain.

But please, I do encourage you, especially if you are a Canadian, to read the different party platforms. The Liberals are the only ones with a platform out at the moment but I have no doubt the other parties will be releasing theirs within the next few weeks. For now however, I'll keep waiting for the debates to come :) This is gonna be good.

Or, at least that's my 2 cents anyway.


  1. Great info. My country is very likely going to become socialist after the next election later this year. FML. But I wish the Canadians the best of luck on the political landscape.

  2. The liberals have no idea what they're doing x.x